Odyssii Hosting

I'm gonna try to make this quick and simple. there are about 3 different kinds of hosting companies:

1) The Con: they'll oversell and offer you more than they have and completely rip you off

2) The Cheap: yeh they'll give you what you pay for and do it real cheap and maybe even give you amazing features, but they aren't reliable. server downtime will be pretty high, and your page will load slow

3) The Realistic: They'll give you great prices (that aren't unrealisticly low), and true great service with good features, honesty, reliability (less than 1% downtime), the whole nine yards.

-Odyssii Hosting servers are located on the backbone of Internap, the highest quality Hosting Company in the world.


BUT since we are just starting out with these new servers and people look at price before they look at quality, we decided to manage a price drop. It isn't official yet, But I WILL give you these prices whether the finalized prices are this good or not:

(Plan Name | Space | Bandwidth |Control | Price)

Standard | 100 Megs | 2 Gigs | cPanel | $2.95 (use to be: $4.95)
Premium | 200 Megs | 4 Gigs | cPanel | $4.95 (use to be: $7.95)
Advanced | 400 Megs | 8 Gigs | cPanel | $7.95 (use to be: $13.95)
Reseller Block | 1 Gig | 20 Gigs | WHM/cPanel Resell. Pack | $9.95 (use to be: $18.95)


Here's our server comp. stats:

Duel Xeon 2.4-2.6 GHz
200GB Bandwidth

We also support dedicated servers for much bigger corporations/websites, but we do not have premade plans. If you want a dedicated server, we will make it custom to your needs.

If You Are Interested:

- IM me on AIM at ckandes1
- post here