When it comes to search engine optimization of your website, people who like to do it on their own work without any certain direction or flow and it is important to make an analysis of all the activities they have performed or performing and focusing on the things which actually get the result.

Below are some points you can consider for giving priority on different activities based on their result or impact.

First thing you are suppose to do Is to have analytic account set up for your website. IF you have already set up account ignore it.

Make list of all the activities which you want to perform for your website like article submission, directory submission, blog commenting , classified posting and all the things which you have thought of or got suggestion to perform for optimization of your website. Also mark features like whether they provide do follow or no follow links or they provide link with anchor tag or not.

Now for first time analysis, you need to create good quality content as we want to estimate the result of each activity.

Now there are two reasons on why you should keep doing the same activity which you have done before. First if It provide do follow links or not and second is the traffic you get from specific website.

After doing activities on all the sites you have for different link building activities described above, you can have a look at Analytic account to see if you have got traffic or not and can look in to section ď Links to your site ď from webmaster account.

You can now have detail report on which sites gives you back links and which give you traffic. So you can filter all the sites which have given you benefits in terms of traffic or link and would eliminate the sites which donít give any benefits.

This way you can keep gathering list of all the sites which provide good benefits in one way rather than work blindly.