Concept of responsive web design has been popular now days. Now website design process or methods are not limited to deciding the color, graphics and look of the website. It is now bwing measured with different analytic tools to see the actual direct impact of your website on end users.

Now You are not re-designing your website because its new year or you have same old design for last couple of years instead it purpose has shifted for improving the User experience of your website for your end users. IF redesigned look doesn't get the success of improving user friendliness or performance, it is no longer needed.

If you have pretty much old websites with good traffic, web design process should include analyzing previous data and other visitor behavior. You can analyze the things like which browser and OS your visitors are using? How much visitors visiting your website from mobile browser or internet? and Common resolution of your visitors which makes successful conversion on your website. Based on this data, you can take care of your design like resolution, most used browser and type of audience and device compatibility.

Furthermore, when there is a need of making decision on best design from good one, concept like A/B testing has also discovered when you test two version of your design on real time testing by keeping them live on your website for certain time and measure the successful user behavior.

This way new web design strategy must include analyzing previous data, measuring effectiveness on any changed design and accepting the right one with testing rather than its look.