Dog Training Aids are composed of 2 essential parts: a receiver that is attached to an all-weather collar and a hand-held remote control which sends a signal to the receiver. All of our remote dog training aids consist of a handheld transmitter that operates the collar remotely via a short or medium range radio frequency. The collar will deliver a harmless sensation to dog when the button is pressed from the transmitter. The low continuous stimulation levels and gradual increases between levels are particularly useful with sensitive dogs or breeds.

The dog training aids market has developed a number of electronic dog training aids with various types and functions to suit any dog needs and activities. The people of Dog Training Aids 4 Less offer around 50 different kinds of remote dog training aids. The electronic dog training aid is a special type of device meant to be used in conjunction with an electronic training system for dog training. The remote dog training aids work by transmitting a radio signal between the remote and the collar. When the collar receives the signal, the collar probes deliver a safe continuous or momentary (whichever you choose) electrical stimulus to the dog. This sensation is designed to get the dog's attention to correct the behavior and not at all meant to harm.