We would like to offer our VPS plan for WebHostingChat members.

------ Use promo code: TVPS50 to get 50% OFF first month or quarterly(3 months)!!* ------
------ Expiry: IN 1 WEEK SO HURRY UP!(valid until 10th January 2012) ------

* Discount does not apply for add-ons. If you would like add-ons and use promo code, contact use and we will create a custom invoice for you!

Reviews of our services:
1) Finally my little blog is running on Nocser. After few month of using their service, there is only one critical down time which took around 1 hour until I notify them. It was problem due the cable from their bandwidth provider is not properly plugged to the switch. They fixed it less than 10 minutes and VPS back up. Afterall, the performance is smooth until now.

2) I echo Seikan's suggestion. I've been having Nocser vps since Nov 2010. (openVZ 128mb plan/256 burst). Don't think I've had any unexpected reboot. As this is in Asia, do keep in mind bandwidth is limited and expensive.

3) Their order page is a bit confused. It says a Xen Flexi-512 is $99 but it's only going to charge me $20, which is the OpenVZ Flexi-512 price. I'll send them an email, though. Thanks!
Edit: Actually, I'm just being a little blind. Their order page makes perfect sense now. They're on the shortlist for now.

4) If Kuala Lumpur is an option I think nocser.net is a better choice (see the WHT offers section for discounted prices)

Server base on:
■ Xen Virtualization (no overselling) or OpenVZ
■ AIMS Datacenter - Malaysia
■ Intel Server backbone
■ Xeon Quad Core Server
■ RAID 1 Server Configuration
■ Full root access
■ Free setup
■ RDNS allowed on request
■ Free Reimage your server
■ Free assistance for migration
■ Option Full managed and half managed

XEN Virtualization Packages:

Flexi 512 VPS (Unmanaged)
Flexi512-30 Unmanaged
30GB Disk Space
1Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
1 IP addresses
CentOS Operating System
Setup: Free
Monthly: / $20(FIRST MONTH: $10, FIRST quarter::$30!! )
Order now?: Click here

Freedom 1024 VPS Unmanaged
Freedom1024-60 Unmanaged
60GB Disk Space
1Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth
1 IP addresses
CentOS Operating System
Free Setup
Monthly:$43 (FIRST MONTH: $21.50, FIRST quarter:$64.50!! )
Order now?: Click here

■ Remote Backup Storage
■ DNS Admin
■ Cpanel / WHM
■ Fanstastico Deluxe / Softaculous
■ DirectAdmin
■ Full managed or Semi managed services
■ DNS Admin (now available !!)

OS templates to choose:
■ CentOS
■ Ubuntu
■ Gentoo
■ Debian


Who are you?
Nocser.net is operated by Nocser Technology.
We are located in Kuala Lumpur the capital city of Malaysia.

How long have you in Business?

We started our business in 2002.

Are you a reseller from dedicated server company?
No, we aren't. We rent our own racks from datacenter. We purchase own our servers hardwares, switches and bandwidth from bandwidth providers.

What is your server specification?
Minimum: Xeon 3440 Quad Core with HT / turbo technology with 8GB RAM.

Where is your datacenter?
We rent our on racks at Aims DC in Malaysia.

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