Use of cache memory and storing some of the elements and property of the website like database or CSS would enhance your speed. Below is some of the wordpress plug-ins which works based on cache memory to enhance the speed of website if built with WordPress. You can download below mentioned plug-ins from plug-ins library at

DB Cache Reloaded: Each time there is requirement to retrieve data from database or need to execute any operation which updates database; relevant queries get fired at time of action. This plug-ins would store these queries in cache memory and if it is required next time with same operation, this would use from cache.

Quick Cache: it is one of the most powerful plug-ins based on utilization of pages in cache memory. This would store the real-time snap shot of each and every pages on your website and blog and it uses this pages to deliver at next request of retrieval.

W3 Cache : Another plug-ins based on cache memory as per its name, it stores all the information from small object to bigger images in cache memory to provide best user experience to your visitors.

WP files Cache:
Sometimes it is not wiser option to cache the entire page. Caching of files which require longer time to load on specific web page would be more sufficient than caching entire page. This would allow you to specify which file to cache and which not to.