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vServer Center is a global leading Enterprise Class cloud server hosting provider. vServer Center's VMware Cloud Server is a VMware Virtual Machine or Virtual Server that is served by a computing resource pool (aka Cloud) consists of redundant network switches, redundant enterprise class data storage systems, redundant high end physical computer servers, and VMware cloud computing and virtualization software. Each of our VMware Cloud Servers has its own dedicated operating system and maintains the same functionality as traditional physical computers.

vServer Center VMware Hosting features:

* Dedicated Operating System: The Operating System can be changed or upgraded at anytime; Operating Systems supported: CentOS, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows server 2008 and Windows server 2003, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (beta);
* Cloud Server Control Panel: With VMware vCenter Control Panel customer can self install server OS, reboot VMware Cloud Servers, reinstall or upgrade server OS, and access server console remotely;
* Administrative Access: Root access for Unix Servers. Administrative access for Windows Servers; Customer can install any software or application on his/her server;
* High Availability: If a physical computer fails, your VMware cloud servers will be automatically switched to other live physical computers;
* UnMetered Bandwidth: no surprise bandwidth bill each month;
* High performance: VMware Performance Benchmarks test scores are even higher than average Dell PowerEdge Xeon Physical Servers;
* Enterprise Class storage systems and high end physical servers; All live data drives are fiber channel or SAS drives. All live data are protected by dual parity disks plus two additional hot spare disks.
* Lowest Price Guarantee: Buy with confidence!
* 100% Uptime Guaranteed! Our enterprise class cloud hosting service is so reliable, we guarantee 100% service uptime!
* SAS 70 Type II certified Data Center: self owned 20,000 square feet world class data center facility in St. Louis, Missouri, USA;
* Serving businesses worldwide for eBusiness hosting since 1995. High customer satisfaction. Here is what one customer posted on a forum:

"I just wanted to comment and saw for the few days I've had their service, it has been fantastic! Support has gone out of their way to even check up and let me know they can create an FTP share for my ISO to be mounted. Support responds very quickly. Amazing service!"

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