[UKRAINE][RUSSIA][USA][EUROPE] Multiregional hosting. Liberty reserve accepted.

Next generation virtual hosting.
It is possible to place your sites in many regions with just one account!

We started in 2008. We constantly improve and develop the system of virtual hosting. Now, after almost 4 years of development, we fully completed out system. We tested it hard, identified and fixed bugs. And now we can proudly present to you the system of multiregional hosting from the Deltahost.

If you have multiple sites, targeted to geographically different visitors - we are glad to inform you that you no longer have to search hosting separately in USA, European Union, Ukraine or Russia. You just need to choose a single tariff. Number of home directories in the tariff indicating how many servers can be used to deploy sites. So if you want to host your sites in Ukraine and in the United States at the same time - it's enough to choose appropriate tariff, which includes at least 2 home directories. Then, when you will add a home directiry in the control panel, you only need to select the country and the server on which you want to add a home directory on which later will be placed sites.

If you want to place sites at once to Ukraine, Europe, USA and Russia - accordingly your tariff must include a minimum of 4 home directories. With this you can combine the location of sites to fit your way. We do not limit the number of sites placed on one home directiry. The only restriction - is a global limit of the tariff.

Also, we will put your data to mirorred RAID volume, provide daily backups and will store at least 5 copies of your data (today, yesterday, weekly, monthly, quaterly).

We always keep an eye on latest technologies, so you can be sure - your website is in safe hands.

And this all you will have for reasonable prices!

More details: Multiregional web hosting in Ukraine, Russia, Europe and USA.

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