If you are web design expert, you can easily recognize the difference between good and bad design but for normal user who is looking for web design templates or who wants to buy web design services cannot understand the technical points. So here are some points which you can observe in previous design in portfolio before buying or paying for any design templates.

A bad web design doesn’t contain any specific color pattern which stays maintained throughout different pages of website.

A web page filled with too much small elements and objects to represent different data without central concept or main purpose. Visitors cannot focus on the specific part and get the main concept at first visits.

Blank text in file name, page title, image name and other important HTML tags. A web design created at least amount, designer doesn’t care to assign proper title tag and file names as per data presents on page.

Design consist of many flash or animated graphic which require longer time to load and long page size without proper structuring of data for display which lead to long scrolling bar to view all information.

CSS without having style attributes of all the small elements which present on web page. Some of the websites have inline style attributes for elements like font size, color and type for each and every page. Changing this property will require more time.

A web design built with lots of java script. It is not necessary that we should add everything which looks good and which is free to add. There are thousands of scripts available for animation and flash on the net. We should not use unless it is requirement specified by client or website owners.