A few years ago, I bought a domain from GoDaddy. I then parked it at DNSPark for free and I'm currently using it only for email guiding, so that email always goes to the domain email, and then gets forwarded to whatever my current email address is. I also have email guiding for other family members.

I recently stumbled upon Google Apps, and now I'm tempted to migrate my domain from DNSPark to Google Apps. I tried to research hosting, but I'm not really even sure this migration will work or accomplish what I want it to.

My thought was that with Google Apps Standard, I could get rid of the email forwarding for my family and they would all have gmail-like accounts on my domain. I figured I would also be able to develop a webpage (with Page Creator), and have access to Calendar, Docs, etc. I think my family would also be able to configure their email clients (Outlook Express, Thunderbird) to accept the mail so that they don't have to learn a new way to access their email.

I don't know if Google Apps will do what I need it to, and I'd like to find out before I transfer the domain, in case it doesn't work and I'd be forced to transfer back. Any information or advice anyone can provide would be very helpful.