I was thinking that under the Hosting software chat portion of the forum, you may want to break it out into sub categories. Maybe have a thread for cpanel, one for plesk, and etc. I would almost even break it up by functionality. Like create a section for Credit Card processors or even call that area like e-commerce. Basically break it up into the different aspects of the hosting software. I think that will help organize things a bit more on this site. One thing I hate about WHT is there are thousands of posts in each forum. Many of the questions are repeated over and over, and trying to find an answer to a question you might already have can be hard. I try to find a solution to my problem, before I post my question. Well thats my two cents worth. It may have the MOD's working harder, but there are enough right now ;-) If there are any question send me a PM and I'll be more than happy to explain what I'm trying to say if it sounds confusing. I just think it would be a little easier to find what your looking for that way.