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Control Panel Round Up

There are many different types of control panels you
can have running your web hosting account. Depending
on your provider you might have Cpanel, you might have
Ensim, you might have Helm or you might use Plesk.
They all have their advantages and disadvantages.


In my honest opinion I would say Cpanel is the best
known and just frankly the best control panel out
there today. Cpanel allows for many features that any
web hosting user would find powerful and very useful.
Some of these include: backup and restore, mail
management, statistical information, ftp tools, site
additions, subdomain tools, advanced tools,
pre-installed scripts, network tools and data base
tools. Definitely the heavyweight of the control
pannel world, you should not be let down by using


With it's friendly and easy to understand controls,
Ensim is quickly becoming one of the leading control
panels out there today. Some of the newest features
include: web traffic reporting, user and e-mail
traffic reporting, and a general site overview. Other
tools included are: tools for search engine
optimization, e-mail marketing tools, merchant
services and SSL certificates authorization tools.
All this adds up to a powerful one-two punch for
yourself and your visitors.


Helm is a multi-server management and control system
for Windows 2000 and 2003 based web hosts. It wants
to be the one control panel written for many different
online and Web site purposes. Some of the features
include: administration features, reseller features,
customer features, and multiple server tools.


Plesk is another powerful control panel that pulls no
punches in the web hosting world. Plesk features
include: reloaded tools for speed, customizable
installation options, new themes, button
customizations, and plugin customization. It is also
available for both Linux and Windows based servers.
With it's reloaded interface, anti-virus protection,
automatic upgrade and migration tools, it is
definitely a powerful option to choose.

So Which Control Panel Is The Best?

They all have their own purpose, their own style and
their own presence. No mater which control panel you
do use though, chances are you will be okay. All of
them offer similar or the same services across the
board. The best thing you can do is research each and
make your decision from there.

Copyrights 2004
Mitch Keeler