There are several strategies you can use to get your business, or organization a domain name and sidestep the nagging frees charged by external companies just to register your name.

* When you are looking for domain name companies online or a hosting company online make sure you completely investigate each one to obtain the best packages available.
* The best way to obtain a domain name for free from a host company is to use them for the registration of that name along with using their web hosting service, and other options such as email registration, and if available design.
* Whenever possible use a local hosting company for your domain name registration and site space.
* See if the particular web host gives domain names and yearly upkeep with a package plan. This allows you to secure your personal data and information on you or your business without the public being able to access it.
* Now you can often find free TLD domains. Search for free domain service providers and gain points by signing on to any of their offers. The more points you earn the greater your chances of getting one or even more free TLD domain names.