Ever wondering what does the hosting features offered by web hosts mean? This article will explain the features in a detailed way.

Diskspace is the amount of hard disk drive space that you have to store your files on your provider's server. This quota includes space for both your website and email.

POP3 Email Accounts
Emails to your domain are delivered to a master POP3 email account (or mailbox) which comes standard with every plan. You can access this mailbox with many email clients including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora Mail.

Additional POP3 mailboxes allow you to give mailboxes to other users - your colleagues, friends, or even just to separate and sort your emails. For example, you can have a mailbox 'sales@yourdomain.com' and 'support@yourdomain.com' instead of having every email routed to your master mailbox.

Monthly Traffic / Transfer
Monthly traffic is the amount of data transferred between your site and the browsers of the visitors accessing your site. For example, if your hosting plan comes with 1GB of monthly traffic, your visitors can download or transfer up to 1GB of data from your website before you exceed your allocation. An average web page is about 20KB in size, so 1GB of traffic will allow you roughly 50,000 hits per month or 1700 hits per day.

Unlimited FTP Access
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to connect to your provider's server to upload and download files to and from your website. To connect, you need a FTP client such as CuteFTP (www.cuteftp.com) or one of the many other free FTP clients available.

Daily WWW Access Logs
Offering this service will provide you with daily logs that log all hits and visits to your website. These logs are in raw text format, so you need to have a log interpreter or web statistics software to generate useful information from them.

Daily Webalizer Statistics
Webalizer is a web statistics software that runs on servers daily to generate useful reports from your daily WWW access logs. These include colourful charts, graphs and tables that tell you everything from how many visitors you have to what the most popular files, times and days are.

Email Forwarding / Autoresponders
Email forwarding allows you to forward or redirect emails sent to a particular address to another address. Email autoresponders automatically send a preset responder to the sender when an email reaches a particular email account.

Web-based Email
Web-based email or webmail allows you to check, receive, compose and send emails from a web browser. This is useful when you do not have access to your normal email client (Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, etc) but have access to a browser.

Microsoft Frontpage Extensions
Frontpage extensions allow you to use certain features that come with Microsoft's Frontpage software such as Web Search, Hit Counter, Photo Gallery and more.

A subdomain allows you to have support.company.com, you.yourname.com or just about anything else you wish. Subdomains are useful and easy to remember.

Perl 5, CGI and PHP4
CGI or Common Gateway Interface includes programs and scripts that run on the server to enhance the quality and functionality of a web site. There are many resources online that allow the downloading of free CGI scripts such as form-to-email programs and guestbooks.

MySQL Database
MySQL is the world's most popular Open Source Database, designed for speed, power and precision in mission critical, heavy load use. All cPanel hosts combine the power of MySQL with the ease-of-use of phpMyAdmin to administer your database.

Site Control Panel
Site control panel allows you to easily configure email accounts, change passwords, manage databases and do a lot more instantly!