I have a few sites hosted with cPanel as the control panel. I would have preferred DirectAdmin but the host is the more important factor.

So - does anyone know how I can get cPanel to perform automated off site backups for me? i.e. their full backup feature but, for example, every day to an offsite location via rsync/scp/sftp?

The only thing I've thought of so far is pulling the backup, that would be missing the database dumps though - plus wouldn't easily just work with my current backup space at places such as bqbackup.

Really I think this should be a feature of cPanel - enter the remote host information, choose how often to make a backup.. and let it run.

If anyone can help me out here then brilliant Currently I'm pulling down manual backups to my home PC every now and again.. I'd be a bit screwed if the system my site was on blew up one day and the hosts own backups failed, because the site is quite important.