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Presale Plan 1
100megs of space *1gig BW $25.00/yr

Presale Plan 2
250megs of space *2.5gigs BW $50.00/yr

Presale Plan 3
500megs of space *5gigs BW $75.00/yr

Presale Plan 4
1gig of space *10gigs BW $100/yr
*We will not spend our time monitoring bandwidth, if you go over so be it. If you become a server hog then it becomes a problem.

All plans include the following.
* 99.5% Uptime w/ SLA
* Cpanel Control Panel
* Unlimited Domains
* Unlimited POP3 Accounts
* Unlimited Forwarders
* Unlimited Auto-Responders
* Unlimited Mailing Lists
* Unlimited Mail Blocking
* Unlimited Email Aliases
* Unlimited FTP Accounts
* Unlimited Sub-Domains
* Shared SSL Certificate
* Web Based Email Access
* CGI, Perl, PHP, Java
* Secure Server Includes (SSI)
* MS Frontpage™ Extensions
* Unlimited MySQL Databases
* PhpMyAdmin Support
* Cron Jobs
* Java Servlets
* Web Based Statistics
* Password Protected Files
* Pre-Installed CGI Scripts
* SMTP Mail Server
* SSH Shell Access
* MX Record Changes
* Anonymous FTP
* Shopping Cart
* GR Security
* Custom Error Pages
* CGI Chat Room
* PHP-Nuke
* InvisionBoard
* osComerce
* Weekly Backups

IP to test

Server Specs

AMD Athlon™ XP 1800 1.53Ghz
60GB IDE Hard Drive
Red Hat™ Linux 7.3

Server is located at Nocster
If you would like to see more on the network. Server is monitored by Jolt Host as well as Nocster.

Don't see what you need? We'll have it installed as long as it betters our service and earns your business.
If you have any questions feel free to email me john@jolthost.com or IM jolthost@yahoo.com , jolthost@hotmail.com, joltsupport@aol.com