Carpathia’s Use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect Service Allows Urban Airship to Combine Benefits of Dedicated Infrastructure, Cloud

Dulles, Va. – September 14, 2011 – Carpathia Hosting, the leading provider of enterprise managed hosting services for government agencies and businesses, announced today that Urban Airship, provider of the world’s most successful mobile apps, has chosen Carpathia as a strategic managed hosting partner, supporting strong connectivity for its customers and devices around the world.

As Urban Airship’s customers increasingly demanded more sophisticated push messaging, the company required a way to meet this demand and continue to exceed customer expectations. Urban Airship sought Carpathia to assist in deploying a hybrid-cloud solution for its stable, scalable, low-latency and high-throughout mobile messaging platform. The mobile services provider wanted to connect its AWS cloud servers with bare-metal servers in extremely close geographic proximity. Using Direct Connect, Urban Airship was able to situate both elements in its hybrid-cloud infrastructure within a few hundred yards of each other, thus allowing connectivity speeds of approximately 1 millisecond.

"The reputations of Carpathia Hosting and AWS, our relationships with both, and their SAS 70 compliance should give customers confidence that Urban Airship is running on the best hosting platform in the world,” said Mike Herrick, vice president of engineering at Urban Airship. “The speed and flexibility of this approach will allow us to continue to execute well for years to come.”

By partnering with both Carpathia and AWS, Urban Airship was able to meet all of its requirements, an investment that provides many positive benefits for Urban Airship’s customers. The connectivity, geographic proximity of its cloud to its dedicated infrastructure, cloud elasticity and customized kit all combine to provide for robust mobile messaging worldwide. Additionally, the economics of Urban Airship’s hosting environment will continue to allow the company to provide customers with the best value for its products. Further, Urban Airship is now running on the hosting architecture that will allow the company to provide customers with the next iterations of its existing products. 

More and more of our enterprise customers are demanding hybrid hosting solutions that combine the benefits of both dedicated infrastructure and cloud infrastructure,” said Jon Greaves, CTO of Carpathia Hosting. “For existing AWS customers, Carpathia Hosting uses AWS Direct Connect to deliver them the benefits of having their dedicated infrastructure and AWS's cloud services managed by a single provider.”

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