Need more then one VPS? For a limited time you can get two Virtual Private Servers for the price of one!

How Does It Work?
For a limited time, when you purchase one vps using the coupon code "bogo" (buy one get one free), you get an additional vps of the same value completely FREE!

Is There Anything Special I Have To Do?
In order to take advantage of our "bogo" sale, you must purchase your vps at full retail price. After payment is complete and your first vps is provisioned (which is usually instantly), all you need to do is submit a ticket letting us know that you used the "bogo" coupon. We will then create another vps of the same specs and send you another welcome email with your free vps details.

Is There Any Limitations, or Cpu Limits?
No! You can do the same exact things on your free vps that you can do on any paid vps.

How Long Is This Offer Valid For?

This offer is only valid for the next 24 hours or 5 purchase, whichever come first.

Simply CLICK HERE and complete an order today, then submit your ticket! Thats all you need to do!