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Search Engine Optimization is important to any online
company’s success. Finding a good search engine
optimizer to add to your staff, or hiring a team to
optimize your Web site for the search engines is
valuable to any online business. Through optimizing
the use of keywords, linking and the page layout
itself your rankings in any search engine you find.


Developing and determining the appropriate keyword
phrases is a good place to start. A good assessment
combines the analysis of real search phrase data. This
real search phrase data is the specific search phrases
actually used. You also want to include the most
appropriate keyword phrases for each Web page.

A company that does grasp this idea of using keywords
will have a higher percentage of gaining visitors who
are hunting using search engines. For example,
finding the right combination of “web hosting” phrases
could raise your ranking in people’s searches for a
good web host.

On the other hand, companies who do not put much
emphasis on keywords are left on the last page of the
search results. The last page that no avid searcher
would ever dream of going to.


Linking is another good Search Engine Optimization
practice that is worth looking into. A good search
engine optimizer could optimize your link structure.
Balancing the amounts of internal and outgoing links
you might have in your Web site could raise your
specific page rank for that Web page.

The company that does have good link structure will
have many more relevant links incoming and outgoing to
other companies that share the same ideas and have
good page rankings. This will allow for the company’s
ranking in a search go up in any search engine making
them the more relevant result.

A company that does not have a good link structure
will not only confuse their own clients with where to
go to get what they need. They will also result very
poorly in terms of page ranking and will be less
likely to have quality outbound and incoming links on
the company’s Web site.

Web Page Layout

Even the way that your Web site displays the
information on each page is relevant to Search Engine
Optimization. Since a search engine spider reads a
Web page’s code from top to bottom and left to right
text in the beginning of a document needs to be more
relevant to the topic of the Web page than the content
at the bottom.

A company that does have a “spider friendly” website
is often hit more often by the spider, meaning that
their content will be better updated in the search

The company that does not have a good web page layout
will often get overlooked by the search engine spiders
or the spider will be lead by a link off of the
website too quickly.

Keywords, linking, and Web page layout are only a few
of the tricks and terms that search engine optimizers
use when working on a Web site. There are many more
methods that could be helpful to your online company’s
success. The truth is that with the help of good
Search Engine Optimization your online business can
achieve the popularity you always dreamed of.

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Mitch Keeler