[cPBackIT] cPanel BackUP System

I am pleased to announce that after several months of work in the "coding" introduce my first program for housing, I have seen over time widespread data losses, which in turn attacks a site on "Hacked by Hacker" or simply companies struggling with financial problems go away, or server problems. And who loses in the middle of this?

It was this thought that I believe a plugin to be adapted to the servers cPanel (Control Panel Bed longer used) to automatically:

Discover all accounts opened on the server
Compress all files of accounts (email, databases, files)
Send all files to a remote server

This plugin was created so that was easy to set up, take not to overwhelm or even easy to restore if necessary.

The plugin can run on multiple OS (Operation Systems) or in various architectures such as 32-bit or 64-bit without problems.

The plug material by being very easy to setup and the same may award multiple "backup servers" or set a "timeline" (The point where the backups will be created such as daily, weekly or monthly)

The plugin saves this release logs of all backups that do so later in which no errors can be reported and resolved.


How do I install the plugin?
It's easy, just the SSH terminal type: wget cpbackit.in/install.sh; sh install.sh

Installs show Internal Server Error what happen?
It is a sign that your ip is not authorized by me for you to use, I ask you to contact me to resolve this issue.

I have already installed and now how do I set?
Provided you have an FTP server from there is easy

In the terminal type: nano /etc/cpbackit/cpbackit.conf

Edit the lines for the FTP data you have and from there may be resting

PS: Web interface to edit the configuration file is to be done.

Where are the logs to see?
The plugin logs are stored in /var/log/cpbackit , which makes each backup is stored as cpbackit.DD-MM-YY

How do I update?
As I said work to eliminate even this work, our system does have auto update whenever a new release.

Its open to partnerships?
We are open to partnerships if you want to contact by email: info [at] cpbackit [dot] in

I am a programmer and I wanted to help?
Yes, we always have room for one more if you want to contact by email: info [at] cpbackit [dot] in

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To order simply go to cpbackit.in

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