Hey folks,

I am in the process of creating a bunch of scripts I plan to distribute. Personally I always stick to the newest stable release of PHP but I know a lot don't/can't, and thus may still be using older versions of PHP. Point being, I want to let my customers know what versions of PHP the script will run on, but I don't really want to have to trawl through my coding of fairly large scripts, listing every single function I use, and then manually cross-referencing to php.net for answers..

I was just going to install multiple versions of PHP and check the scripts individually on each version but that would be a nightmare too.

So I am looking for a scanner (a windows/linux program or a php script, I don't mind) which will trawl through the PHP files in a chosen directory (or just individual files at least..), checking all functions used, and let me know which PHP versions it will be compatible with.

Does anyone know of such a scanner?

Thanks for any help