We are the ONLY retailer in New Zealand that supplies both quality imported and customised furniture.<a href=">Table</a> We design and custom make furniture, as well as import timeless furniture from Europe.Ultimate Living was established in 1992 by German cabinetmaker Hubert Fehnker. Hubert designs and oversees the production of Ultimate Living's custom-made furniture in our Auckland workshop, ensuring the highest standards and quality of workmanship. <a href=">Furniture</a> All our furniture has a 15-year guarantee Our imported furniture is carefully chosen for its dateless style, quality and functionality. Hubert hand selects suppliers on his regular visits to the Milan Furniture Fair and other international furniture events in Europe.With a highly competitive price, we offer a broad range of furniture which meets your specific needs, including side boards, wall units, bookshelves, wardrobes, coffee tables, chairs, sofas, kitchens and bathroom cabinets. Simply drop by our modern and spacious showroom located in the heart of Newmarket in Auckland, you will be assisted by our professional staff with the best advice.If you are after high quality furniture atattractive prices, then look no further.