Techni Host is on the verge of releasing a whole new retail line of dedicated servers! Our dedicated servers will have a fully functional control panel where users can submit tickets, reboot there server instantly, shut it down, restart it and more! The feature rich control panel will offer on the demand support 24/7/365! Prices will start at just $150.00. The dedicated servers will be located in Chicago, IL (USA)! We will be able to deploy your server order in 1 hour or less! How great is that? Order your server and get it in 1 hour? That is un heard of. You may ask how can we do this so quickly? Well let me explain!

Advanced Automatic Server Provisioning (AASP) technology is unique because it enables you to install your own servers, in real time, without human interaction or intervention. Through your control panel, you can select the server you would like, customize the hardware and provision it.
Based on statistical information, the system selects the server configuration that best matches your request. Should physical upgrades be required, they are performed by data center tech staff. The server is then instantly provisioned and the process is visible inside your control panel.
Provisioning times are as fast as 30 minutes for Linux servers and as fast as 40 minutes for Microsoft Windows-based servers!

Want to test one of our all new powerful servers on a brand new network? Contact sales today for a price quote!