Im from HostPrime, one company based on europe.

We are giving out the Service on XEN-HVM for any use like one REAL DEDICATED Server was.

Xen-HVM its Hardware virtualized system, allowing clients manage hardware and system core files without need the Main Node configurations to do it.

With this service you are allowed to set inside the service any VPS system as your desire, even XEN will work like one charm

The package we are giving out allready have 5 ip's for you.

Any server we are giving comes with management so you will not need knowlodge to install nothing because we will do for you.

Hostnode comes with:

16 Core Xeon
4TB Diskspace in RAID 10

The plan is:
4 Core CPU
5 IP's

Any resources are not oversold, and only a few will be hosted on the node.

Other specs you can consider on us:

We can install HyperVM ( SolusVM need to be taken from them )
We can install Xen/OpenVZ or even Virtualbox.
We can install phpVirtualBox.

Any Licenses of Windows or other company will be responsability of the client, we will not provide other types of services/panel's for free.

To make your order just go on: here

You can allways chat with us on the Website for further help you may need.