What can Techni Host offer you?

What can we offer that another host can't? We can offer the promise to be here when you need us! We can offer the uptime that other hosts promise but don't live up to. We can offer the support that a customer will always NEED! We can offer the great hosting plans at the great prices and NOT oversell unlike most of these other web hosts! Last but not least, we can promise that you won't be just another "Dollar Sign" that knocks on our door, but a friend that we are here to stand behind every step of the way!

Why Choose Techni Host?

We at Techni Host stand behind everything we offer, we are here to help you anytime of the day or night! We aren't another fly by the night web host! We can assure you we will still be here when you wake up in the morning! Techni Host loves the job we do, and we aren't like any other web host in this business!

What are some of our customers saying?

" Technihost Is just the best!!! (Excellent)
- by Tsvetan (bg-zone.com) on 26 May 2011

TechniHost is my best webhosting provider so far!!! I have tryed many others before and belive me: There Is Noone Like TechniHost! The support is awsome and they really know what to do and how to do this. They are standing behind them servers a..."

" Techni Host is Superb! (Excellent)
- by Jerome (freewaretools.net) on 25 May 2011

I joined the first month free server bandwagon, however due to some financial problems, i had to move into a Vps. And i was impressed with their Vps that powers like a dedicated server. Eddie was even so kind to help move my dues whenever i have ... "

You can read more reviews located at Web Hosting Stuff

We stand behind our products and services 100%! We offer a 100% uptime guarantee! If we do not honor that uptime during any month we will credit you for the downtime!

We offer a range of services from Shared Hosting to Virtual Private Servers!
No matter what time of day it is, we are always here to help you! Our hours of operation are 24x7x365!

We offer a range of different support methods such as but are not limited to:
1. Support Tickets
2. Support/User Forums
3. Toll Free Phone Support
4. Live Chat Support
5. Instant Messanger Support

You can read more about Techni Host and what we stand for on our Techni Host Blog!

Techni Host understands that your website does not close down, so why should we? We understand that millions of people search for web hosting everyday! We understand that over 90% of them millions are let down everyday, even though they pay for the services. Most web hosts do not give them what they promise! Which is one of the reasons that Techni Host was created!

We know that creating pretty posts in forums, having a pretty website to solicit our products, having multiple servers and fat wads of cash in our pockets does not make a web hosting company the best company in the world. So you may ask yourself, what does make a web hosting company a good web hosting company? Well let us answer that question for you! A web hosting company needs to have a solid background, the know how to manage there servers, friendly support (that is there for the clients) and patience! Without them, a web host is nothing! We understand this to the full extent, which is why we are providing our newest promotion!


Signup to any of Techni Host's current VPS offers located at Techni VPS and when you checkout use the coupon code "memorial" and get 40% off of your checkout. This only applies to month-to-month payments.


We offer a wide range of different packages! Powered by SolusVM you can manage your VPS via our user-friendly control panel! There is no more need to submit a ticket to reboot/start/stop or even reinstall your operating system! You can do it all from your easy to use Control Panel!

Techni Host offers remote backups for your Virtual Private Server as well! Again you can take backups and download backups straight from your SolusVM panel!

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