About Us: is unique because of the customers we target. We offer excellent products at incredible prices in a datacentre that is probably one of the best in North America. We don't bump up our prices to add customized services or products but target customers who are comfortable working with their technology. They don't need a lot of handholding but simply want a very reliable product at a good price. This is where we fit. Our datacentre was built to house servers specifically and as a result, our generator and battery power is excellent. Downtime is truly minimal. Our staff works round the clock so they are able to assist you when you need it.

Deciding on a dedicated server hosting company can be a complex matter. outweighs the competition on several levels. eSecureData offers:
1. Sane Pricing - offers pricing so far below industry standards that that we outshine the competition hands down.
2. Serious Bandwidth - With unmetered bandwidth, is here for people who actually plan on having success.
3. Real-World Hard Disks - At, we don't fool around with tiny hard drives. All eSecureData servers come with real-world drives, ranging from 500GB at the bottom end on up to 12,000GB at the high end.
4. No-Excuses Data Center - We have diesel generators, halon fire protection, multiple backbone-class Internet feeds, 24/7/365 security, 24/7/365 technical staff, AAA downtown locations, biometric and swipe-card access.
5. Real Intel Quad Core Xeon CPUs. No Celerons - Celerons are fine for low-demand desktop computers, but servers are constantly processing multiple tasks at the same time and Celerons simply cannot keep up.
With you get top quality servers in a world-class data center at amazing prices. Serious about your business? We certainly are!

Our New Cloud Servers Product Line:
Visit: Cloud Servers are virtualized on a Xenserver platform using our super-powerful G7 Datacenter servers. These ultra-fast virtuals run any OS as fast as most of our competitorsí dedicated servers, while maintaining all the portability and cost efficiency of a virtual server. Most importantly, they include unmetered bandwidth for real world usability, unlike our competitors who charge for every byte of bandwidth that is served. Even our least expensive Cloud Server is totally capable of running several websites quickly and efficiently, and without any surprises when the bill is due.

All our Cloud Servers some with the following:
∑ Smartphone Control Panel
∑ Automated Monitoring System
∑ 24/7/365 Support
∑ Unlimited Reboots

Virtual V1, Junior
Processor: Intel Xeon Quad Core.
Hard Drive: 25GB (or 2x 40GB SSD).
Bandwidth: Unmetered (10MB/s).
IPís: 2.

Price: $19

Virtual V1, Standard.
Processor: Intel Xeon Quad Core.
Hard Drive: 50GB (or 4x 40GB SSD).
Bandwidth: Unmetered (100MB/s).
IPís: 2.

Price: $29

Virtual V1, Enterprise.
Processor: Intel Quad Core.
Hard Drive: 100GB (or 6x 40GB SSD).
Bandwidth: Unmetered (100MB/s).
IPís: 2.

Price: $59

Please feel free to contact us at any time. Weíre always glad to hear from clients and prospective clients.
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