A new service is now available at Colo-Serv Communications.

Why DDoS protection is important for your business?
Every second that your site is unavailable is a lost in money, times and ressources.

If your website is under attack, we can stop it in few minutes.
Our new service NetDefender is available to protect your website from all kinds of DDoS attack for an unlimited duration.

Our system do a 7 layer packet inspection for all incoming traffic and forward only clean traffic to your server.

We have many packages depending the level of protection you need.
From 500Mbits to 1000 or 2000Mbits or more, we will protect your website and keep it online.

You stay with your actual provider and we put an invisible filter between your domain name and your server. Your real IP will be hidden by end user and from attackers.
This service can be use for any host and any operationg system.

A web interface is include with graph to show you all incoming traffic.
A section of blocked IP and whitelist IP is also include in the panel.

There is no contract, it's month to month and the setup is free.
Protection can be active between 15 to 30 minutes after payment approval.

We have a 72 hours money back guranatee if we CAN'T stop the attack and at this time we never had to use this issue.

You can visit our website for more informations or contact us by email at sales@colo-serv.net