We are pleased to announce that most iTeraWeb hosting plans now include a Toll Free number absolutely FREE. This number can be forwarded to any land line or cell phone in Canada or United States, or simply picked up by voice mail.

More information about iTeraWeb's advanced Voice over IP platform can be found at:
iTeraWeb Solutions, Inc. - cPanel, Shared and Reseller Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Colocation, and Broadband Phone Services

The following plans include the toll free promotion:

* Advanced Hosting
* Pro Hosting
* Standard Reseller Hosting
* Advanced Reseller Hosting
* Pro Reseller Hosting

For a limited of time, there is also a 15% reoccurring promotion on the above plans.
To take advantage of this promotion, please use promo code "may2011" during checkout.

Please visit iTeraWeb Solutions, Inc. for more information.


Since 1995, iTeraWeb Solutions Inc. a dedicated solutions provider in the field of internet and telecommunications services has contributed to the advancement of voice and data communications across international markets.

Our award winning voice and data communication services serves approximately 100,000 subscribers in small to medium sized business as well as residential markets.

iTeraWeb's data center is located on Front Street, Toronto. This building serves as Canada's premier Carrier Hotel and is the home of 150 telecommunications companies including TELUS, Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, All stream, MCI and is one of North Americas most fiber connected buildings.