If you want to start your own shell company without much investment and/or knowledge about unix, then Sh3lls.net has the solution for you. Sh3lls.net gives out webmin/reseller accounts. You can add/del shells on your own, no need to wait for the admin to add/del shells for you, add/del shells at your own ease. No need to worry about server security, it's our lookout. Your clients will even not come to know that you are using our servers, you will have your own motd, your own server name, so you can sell it under your own brand name. We will even host your website, on our web hosting box for free. All our servers are having 150+ vhosts, with good uptime.
40 Backround Process for 50$ per month.
100 Background Process for 100$ per month.

Note: The offer does not include IRCD shells, just psybnc, bnc, eggdrop, ezbouncer etc... allowed. Also no abuse shall be tolerated.

You can email us on kapil@sh3lls.net for more details.

CEO Sh3lls.net