Hi, yeah i need some major help with yahoo. well a few days ago i went to go send a message to someone on yahoo and when i sent it i couldn't see what i typed and i couldnt see what the person typed back to me...it was really weird. the box was just blank. and then i went into my message archive and i was going thru my convos and they were all blank...like the text isn't showing up on anything and when i click on yahoo messenger it like freezes for a few seconds everytime. and its still like that. I have fast user switching, so ive been using my brothers account, because yahoo messenger screws up my resolution on my account name. so i havent been able to go onto my account because everytime i go onto yahoo messenger on mine everything gets all big and weird but yahoo works fine, it just messes my computer up. i have no idea why yahoo is doing all this to my computer...all of a sudden. ive tried everything. ive re-installed it a few times and the text still wont show up in messages...i dunno what to do...can anyone help me? Thanks.