Want to sell VPS' but don't want the hassle of setting up, and managing a node? Whether you are selling 1 VPS, or 100, Hudson Valley Host has a program right for you.

Hudson Valley Host offers a VPS reseller program that actually allows you to make money.


* You get a Reseller VPS Account to completely manage your clients VPS, from suspending, to booting, to changing the root password.
* Set your own prices. You decide what price you want to sell them at.
* Your client gets his own account as well to manage his VPS.
* Fully unbranded. There is no Hudson Valley Host links anywhere, and the website address to login is also unbranded.
* Over 10 possible OS for your clients to use.
* And more...

We don't only allow you all these great features, but also very nice discounts for being a reseller.

o Order 1-10 VPS
+ Get 15% Off Recurring
o Order 11-20 VPS
+ Get 20% Off Recurring
o Order 21-30 VPS
+ Get 30% Off Recurring
o Order >31 VPS
+ Get 35% Off Recurring

To apply for a reseller account, please visit our website.

*Our terms of service apply to resold VPS accounts.*