I know that building quality backlinks can bring your website to rank number #1 in google.

But say if a person was to write 10 articles a day, and each article included the keyword that they wanted to rank#1 for in google.

So after a year it would be at 3650 backlinks just from article marketing alone. If this person conintued to do this over the next years, then can writing articles containing they keyword that would direct them to their website, rank them #1 in google?

If I may have confused some of you let me rephrase this in a different way.

If a person had 500,000 articles.(I know it is a large number for someone to write articles). And each of those articles has the keyword that would direct a reader to their site that they want to rank number 1 for. Then would that put them on the number 1 position for google? instead of just dong heavy backlinking?