It's Official

We're now offering VPSs in San Jose, London and Frankfurt

Our shiny new servers in San Jose and Frankfurt are purring along wonderfully.

We are offering 2.5 times the bandwidth on the San Jose one (which the bandwidth limits below refer to). However, our Frankfurt location is also available.

Our VPSs start at 7.99 per month (128MB RAM) and the Quad L at only 14.99 per month (512MB RAM). This is all running on Xen, and we take proactive measures to ensure your performance is incredible.

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What do our customers say?

"Things are going excellent actually I haven't had a single problem at all. Speed is excellent and you've by far got the best control panel I've ever used. Your OS install option is by the most stable I've had; other providers just simply doesn't work! Think I shall be sticking with you guys for a while, thanks very much!!" -- James

"I'm really satisfied with the customer service I'm getting from GigaTux, just thought I'd let you know. Everything appears to be in working order, so again, thanks so much!" -- Aimee

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

All our VPSs offer the following:

  • Quality, lightning fast hard drive space on a RAID 10 system.
  • Full burst use of the 100Mbps network port on the fastest network in the UK.
  • Ability to use all Xeon E55xx CPU cores if required.
  • Automatic installs of most popular Linux-based distributions.
  • Initial manual install of any Linux-based distribution.
  • A Xen-based setup, ensuring fair access to resources with no overselling.
  • Additional bandwidth is only 4p/GB.
  • Fantastic support, including custom kernels and general help - see our testimonials.

Uno L VPS - 128MB RAM for 7.99 per month

128MB dedicated swap
5GB disk
125GB data transfer

7.99 per month (year in advance)
9.99 per month (paid monthly)

Duo L VPS - 256MB RAM for 9.99 per month

256MB dedicated swap
15GB disk
250GB data transfer

9.99 per month (year in advance)
11.99 per month (paid monthly)

Trio L VPS - 384MB RAM for 13.99 per month

384MB dedicated swap
22.5GB disk
375GB data transfer

13.99 per month (year in advance)
14.99 per month (paid monthly)

★★★ Quad L VPS - 512MB RAM for 14.99 per month ★★★

★ Best value VPS ★

512MB dedicated swap
30GB disk
500GB data transfer

14.99 per month (year in advance)
17.99 per month (paid monthly)

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Who are GigaTux?

GigaTux is a VPS hosting company, launched in February 2007. GigaTux presently has high powered servers situated in London and San Jose. These locations offers very impressive connectivity, with a very low latency, high bandwidth connection.

GigaTux believes in offering clients an honestly priced service, with no compromises on important aspects that matter - reliable storage, quality bandwidth and excellent customer service.

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