London, 9th February 2011. GigaTux is proud to announce that it is immediately accepting orders for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on its two newest servers in San Jose, California and Frankfurt, Germany. This is combined with GigaTux's two existing servers located in London, UK. Both servers have been tested to work with native dual stack IPv4 / IPv6 as provided by the underlying datacentres.

GigaTux's new server based in the USA is GigaTux's most powerful yet, with 48GB DDR3 ECC RAM, four 1.5TB hard disks, two 2.5" SSDs, 2 Intel Xeon E5520 processors and on-board IPMI with hardware watchdog. Because of the networking arrangements with our colocation provider, we are offering 2.5 times the data transfer on this server compared with our other servers.

This server is located at Hurricane Electric's Fremont 2 datacentre around San Jose and sits on the powerful Hurricane Electric backbone, which is entirely IPv6 capable and has direct links to Tokyo, West, Central and East USA and is only one further POP hop away from Europe via London and Amsterdam. The Hurricane Electric backbone network features the following:

  • Multiple 10Gbps (OC-192 / STM-64) connections on every core router.
  • Over 6000 BGP sessions with over 1600 different networks.
  • Multiple redundant paths in the US, US-Europe and Asia.
  • Self-owned DWDM backbone circuits.

GigaTux's new server based in Germany is a less powerful 8GB, quad core server, but will host fewer VPSs and will thus maintain a similar speed for users as the USA server. Regardless of the capabilities of the server, GigaTux proactively monitors performance on each server to ensure an impressive user experience.

This server is located at the's Solmsstr datacentre in Frankfurt, Germany. This network is also entirely IPv6 capable with excellent European connectivity. The Frankfurt backbone network features the following:

  • 20GBit/s peering to DE-CIX.
  • A combined total of 24Gbps upstream connectivity to TeilaSonera, Global Crossing and Kleyrex.
  • Intrametro Access ring around Frankfurt.

Both servers (as of February 2010) have free capacity to immediately host multiple VPS nodes and GigaTux has the resources to expand if necessary. Download test and ping IP addresses are available on request.

To sign up, visit our VPS pages.