Before I tell you about our hosting plans, I would like to start by telling you about our servers and connectivity. This is one of the most important things when looking for a host, so we’ll get right down to business!

2.4GHz Intel XEON Processors
SCSI Hard Drives

Time Warner Gigabit
Verio Gigabit Link
Verio #2 Gigabit
Verio #3 Gigabit
Verio #4 Gigabit
Cogent Gigabit
Williams Gigabit
Allegiance GigE
MFN GigE Link
MFN #2 GigE Link
MFN #3 GigE Link
Savvis OC3 Link
ELI DS3 Link

Out Network
We never over load our servers. Our network daily average is 27% of its capacity, with midday peak spikes reaching only 33% capacity. Visit Our Network for more details.

Hosting Plans
We offer a 15 day money back guarantee on all hosting packages. We also have Instant account activation, so you can enjoy your hosting right away!

Beginner Hosting - PRICE: $4.99/month
500MB (Megabytes) Space
15GB (Gigabytes) Bandwidth

Intermediate Hosting - PRICE: $9.99/month
2GB (Gigabytes) Space
15GB (Gigabytes) Bandwidth

Pro Hosting - PRICE: $14.99/month
5GB (Gigabytes) Space
50GB (Gigabytes) Bandwidth

Extreme Hosting - PRICE: $19.99/month
10GB (Megabytes) Space
90GB (Gigabytes) Bandwidth

Standard w/ Every Account
Linux Server
cPanel 9.1.0
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Web mail
CGI Bin Access
Online File Manager
P***word Protect Directories
Custom Error Pages
Page Redirects
FrontPage Extensions
Web/FTP Stats
Raw Access Logs
Sub-Domain Stats
Search Engine Submit
Scripts Library
Cron Jobs
Custom MIME types
Agora Cart
Apache Handlers
HotLink Protection
cPanel X v2.3.0 Theme
And more!

For more information on our hosting packages, please visit our site at

Other Information
We also have incredible deals on reseller plans. You can check them out at

Contact Information
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at Our average respond time is within 10 minutes on most days but guarantee a response within 24 hours. Customer service is a high priority for us at

Thank for looking!