Limited Time Offer

Check out our new plan for all your web hosting needs! We offer 1,000GB Data Transfer, 120GB Serial ATA HDD, 1GB Dual RAM and Unlimited Software for your Dedicated Servers. You can host over 1,000 web sites. Take advantage of these plans TODAY!

Truly dedicated server...
You have total administrative control over the server.

One server suitable for 99% of applications

Intel P4, 3.0GHz
120GB Serial SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive
1,024MB Dual-Channel DDR400 RAM
1,000GB Monthly Transfer
5 IP Addresses
Unlimited Software - Install any software you want

Windows 2000 Advanced Server or Windows 2003
$189.00 Setup Fee
$189.00 Monthly

RedHat or FreeBSD
$149.00 Setup Fee
$149.00 Monthly

Upgrade Options
Additional IP Addresses - 10 IPs for $5 monthly, $10 setup
Additional 120GB Hard Drive - $50 setup, $15 monthly
IDE RAID - $70 setup, $10 monthly
160GB Backup Storage - $90 setup, $20 monthly
RAM Upgrade to 2,048MB (2GB) - $120 setup, $15 monthly
MS SQL 2000 - $50 setup, $50 monthly
Data Transfer Overage - $2.50/GB