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In an effort to obtain customer reviews, we are offering a 50% discount on all of our already low priced SEO services. All we ask is that, after we're done, you submit one review of our performance in completeing your SEO campaign. Then, after you have seen the results and your link is showing up in Google, we ask that you submit another review based on the SEO results obtained by our SEO strategies. Thats all!

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Your competitors all use a Google SEO Services (search engine optimization) or SEO marketing Service to get top 10 ranking in the search engines. It's not just luck that they got listed on the first page of Google for their selected keyword or keyphrase, they all used SEO websites. When you optimize your page, submit URL, and manually submit links to different link directories that offer DoFollow links you greatly increase your backlinks, and that is a great way to increase your search engine rank positioning (SERP). The more backlinks you have, the better you will rank.

With our Google SEO services, sometime referred to as search engine marketing services you can level the playing field and get your link listed on the first page in Google. We can increase your search engine ranking in search engines by optimizing your pages & keywords, and manually submitting your link to directories with dofollow attributes. We then supply you with a detailed web SEO report in either text or HTML format to see the before and after results of our SEO work.

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Proof of results:
If you check the following keywords you will see us ( listed on the first page for each of the keywords/phrases. In some cases we are listed multiple times for the selected keyword!

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Below is a list of our SEO packages and pricing:

Starter SEO $150.00 (Only $75.00 with code "50seo"!)
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Novice SEO $300.00 (Only $150.00 with code "50seo"!)
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Pro SEO $600.00 (Only $300.00 with code "50seo"!)
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Executive SEO $1200.00 (Only $600.00 with code "50seo"!)
  • Optimization of all pages
  • Editing page code for XHTML and CSS Compliance
  • 1000 Directory Submissions
  • 100 Social Bookmarking Submissions
  • 100 Search Engine Submissions
  • Setup and Design of a FaceBook Fanpage (demo)
  • Setup of Twitter account
  • Setup of Linkedin account to syndicate blog posts to social websites.
  • Free before & after SEO report. (demo report)
  • Configuration of Wordpress for best SEO.
  • Optional: Attempt link trade with similar websites
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About the optional link trade:
We say that the link trade is optional because we know that companies, such as web hosting companies, would not want to have links to other companies on their website while someone with a blog or other type of website that doesn't sell any type of products, wouldn't mind the link trade. So, it's optional.

Never Quit Guarantee!
Search Engine Optimization is not an overnight thing, and is not an exact science; it can be hit or miss. No one knows exactly how Google calculates their rankings. It's a closely guarded secret, the "Area 51" of the internet! It can take 2 to 3 months, if not more, before you ever see a change in your search engine positioning because rankings do not change until Google does an update.

If you do not see your listing increase in rank after the next Google update, we will continue working on your website until we get the results you're looking for. With most SEO companies they simply refund your money and apologize, which means you've wasted valuable time. With us, we never quit until the job is DONE!

Accepted Payment Methods:
Currently we only accept PayPal as method of payment. Our PP account is a verified premier account so, you do not have to have a PP account to purchase our SEO services, all you need is a credit or debit card!

Contacting Us:
If you would like to contact us at anytime for any reason, please feel free to do so by PM'ing me here, email me at admin(AT)321hosted(DOT)com, or use our online contact form.

Thanks for reading!