Three days ago I have registered a domain with Hostway, next day it got globally propagated, and about 8 hours ago the domain (sharing one IP - assigned to ns2 - with ten other sites) spontaneously started redirecting all queries to the site bearer of the IP of the ns1. A second, 404.shtml redirection brings the query to another site.

Here is what happens:

The redirection file is placed in the root of the ns1 IP associated site -, - and the final target is There is no whatsoever redirection file placed in the root of the starting domain. In fact, it works here

The possible candidate causes of the issue are:
1. Different TTLs (86K and 172K)
2. All started immediately after a new httpd.conf was initiated (may be irrelevant).
3. Any other cause - please, suggest!

PS. Explaining cause 1:
In my server's DNS Zone TTL have been set to 86200, while in parent TTL's (of the registrar) were 172400. I have changed my TTL to comply with my parent nameservers.

Perhaps I should wait 48 hours for the changes to take effect...

Please, advise, if you have encountered the same issue.