In yesterday there was a limited extra news that the world of blogging and positioning, becoming online news in major newspapers. The news was based on French President Nicolas Sarkozy was the victim of a bombing attack Google, appearing first in Google his Facebook page.

A joke heavy seo

The problem centers on the words that were used to make the page appear first president (something that all bloggers try our blogs), which is trou du cul which means hole year in French.

What interests us, as we bloggers seo, is the work positioning or off page seo, which made who did this and that Insurance do not feel great sympathy for the French president.

Seo ExpertTechniques

While no Facebook page appears as a result of this phrase, Google went on to say that has no direct control over the positioning and regrets what happened, few clues remain.

Surely whoever did this will have achieved a lot of links with that anchor to this page and look for many visitors. Is a phrase with little competition and some 40000 searches Monthly as tool Google Keyword tool.