Registration with Web directories is a very effective method to increase the amount of isits of a website, due to the very structure they are designed. The main advantage offered to us to be discharged on Web directories is that the people themselves try to find sites related to topics that we offer.

A web directory, is composed of several sub indexes or sectors. These sectors are chosen according to a type of information or topic, and within each, there are Web sites that relate to these issues. So basically we can locate our website, in one of those sub-indices, and greater number of visits.

Although this task may increase slightly the site visits is not enough to get a lot of visitors. Therefore, it is best to combine this method with another very important in online marketing. The other method of which we speak is called SEO, and Web positioning method.

When we talk about positioning, we mean to achieve a certain position in search engines. As expected, the position will get it for certain words or phrases that will best describe our business, product or service. Thus, to achieve proper positioning, we will get many more visits, if only we gave the highest in a Web directory.

Other methods of positioning, but using SEO, positioning is more effective than any other. In addition, this type of position is free, we only pay the company that held on our site. We can even do it ourselves, but a decision is not recommended as it is a difficult task that takes time.

Web positioning a company can provide the service without major complications, and a reasonable price. These companies are responsible for Web site optimization required to appear in search engines, and achieve the best possible position on them. The price of the services varies depending on the quality of the company that offers it, but now often be very economical and practical.

Contracts usually a month, but not enough to position only one month a Web site. If you want to achieve optimal positioning, we do seo for a minimum of 6 months. The good thing is that even if we cancel the service, the position is still active and visitors to our site will remain as they were when we had the service. Once discharged, the positioning of our site will depend on how good our competition to take our place.

If you time your question is: How do I promote my website? Or how to position my site?, You know just is not enough to be discharged in Web directories, but should also conduct a seo expert service. As with SEO, you get a very important position in any of the major search engines including Google. And Google is the best place we can choose to promote our Web site.