VPSFuze.com is a fresh & affordable way to become familiar and leveled out within the VPS market. Hosting with a "no-worry" setup, together with HostingFuze.com we can offer the best possible reliable service & prices. With packages starting at only $5.95, you can't afford to not jump in on these great deals! These prices won't last! With over 10 years of combined hosting experience, the 2 behind HostingFuze.com are preparing some of the biggest hosting opportunities ever.

All VPSFuze.com Packages Include:
2 Dedicated IP Addresses
100Mbps Premium & Guaranteed Dedicated Port Speed
SolusVM VPS Management Control Panel
R1Soft Backups taken daily, weekly, and monthly!
Backup and failover DNS & network services
Onboard Raid-10 Hardware Disk Mirroring
Fast and friendly 24/7/365 days Support - forums, helpdesk, and email!
Much more....

The HF Server & Network:
"Cloud Computing" setup on Intel i7 Core Blades, VPS Networking on Core2Quad Systems
12-16GB DDR3 ECC Registered Ram
3 x Fail-over Offsite DNS Servers - Locations
1Gbps Server NIC and 10GE Open Port Speed
99.9% Server & Network Uptime

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HostingFuze.com - Master Reseller Services @ $4.95/mo
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Fuzed Basic
40,000MB Raid-10 Protected Disk Space
1,200,000MB Premium Bandwidth
512MB Guaranteed Ram
1024MB Burstable Ram
2 Dedicated IP Addresses
Combined with SolusVM & OpenVZ
$5.95/mo - MORE - Order Now!

Fuzed Mids
80,000MB Raid-10 Protected Disk Space
1,800,000MB Premium Bandwidth
1024MB Guaranteed Ram
2048MB Burstable Ram
2 Dedicated IP Addresses
Combined with SolusVM & OpenVZ
$12.95/mo - MORE - Order Now!

Fuzed Premium
120,000MB Raid-10 Protected Disk Space
2,400,000MB Premium Bandwidth
2048MB Guaranteed Ram
10248MB Burstable Ram
2 Dedicated IP Addresses
Combined with SolusVM & OpenVZ
$22.95/mo - MORE - Order Now!

Did you know: You're entitled to your entire disk space and bandwidth resource allotment! We're always adding new nodes to our cloud setup as customers use their resources, allowing files to be spread across many different servers and easy expansion when more hard disk space is needed. We also multi-host our DNS servers at 3 different datacenters, meaning if two separate datacenters go down - you'll still be up!

Backups are our duty! It's like managed cloud hosting, we take care of the 'scary' stuff that you shouldn't have to always be worried about. VPSFuze.com does it right. We take off-site backups twice every 24 hours; that's right, once every 12 hours. We also maintain a very strict 5 min response uptime check @ a minimum average of 99.9% uptime.

Questions? Contact us at go[at]hostingfuze.com or visit our community forums! Visit us NOW!