We need The organization of online support of clients by means of icq and jabber. The task consists in the following: There are a firm and the staff, which are divided into different departments. Jabber accounts are given to each of employees. It is necessary to realise online technical support so that the firm had one "external" jabber account and one icq uin, addressing to which, clients could to contact by means of a parcel of messages with that or other department and the employee (and it is desirable that the employee had only one account - jabber for example). And each employee should have possibility to move the client to other employee that at the reference in any general department of the client then could to move in some more specialised. And it is necessary to consider presence of the employee on a workplace. While the rigid requirement is support Jabber`a and ICQ - support of skype is not required, but it would be very pleasant, if it is possible to introduce this IM by some way. We consider both creating of some new server appendix and search/adjustment of some existing decisions which will satisfy our needs. We tried to use IM Gate fairly, but its quality was not suiting us categorically. Work will be paid properly. Sincerely yours!