Many companies worldwide trust Duomarkets with their dedicated server hosting. Superior customer service, expert technical support, a rock solid network and the best dedicated server prices around is our formula for your success.

were offering 2 dedicated servers:

1-Xeon Lynnfield X3460 2.8Ghz, 8MB Cache, RAID 1
8GB/2 X 500GB SAS

10000GB w/100Mbps Port
price 185usd/month
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2-Core2Quad q8200 2.33Ghz, 4MB Cache

3000GB w/10Mbps Port

price 99usd/month
to order press here

Benefits Include...

1. Level 3, Global Crossing, Time Warner & Cogent routed FCP/BGP4
2. Proven 99.9% Uptime Track Record and Guarantee
3. 24/7 Impressive Support via phone, chat and trouble ticket
4. Dell & SuperMicro Partners
5.100MB download speed test