MonkeyHosts.com was formed in late 2010 and specialises in Shared web hosting solutions, this company was formed around two weeks after our sister company GamerLocus was formed. The management team is based within the United Kingdom and therefore we had decided to support multiple currencies (USD - $) and (GBP - ).

Why MonkeyHosts?
Their are many reasons why you should go with MonkeyHosts, you can see our full list HERE.

I have a question!
Try our FAQ Page HERE. Your question not their? Either make a thread in our 'Questions' board or make a ticket!

MonkeyHosts likes to give back quite often, this is why we have a few programs running. Our programs that we currently run are: Refugee Hosting; Affiliate Program; Price Match Program; Testimonial Program; Customer Loyalty Program and Free-non-profit web hosting program.

Christmas Plan!
We have started to celebrate Christmas a little early!

Ordinary Hosting Plans: (Only the main sector - for full details, please see : http://www.monkeyhosts.com/pricing.html)

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