Duomarkets has been providing businesses with managed VPs for 2 years

Enterprise-class IT infrastructure combined with comprehensive managed hosting services. As your IT hosting partner, duomarkets leverages best-in-class connectivity & technology through fully automated solutions that empower you with complete access, control, security, and scalability.

All your servers are hosted in the state-of-the-art data facility in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The data-center has N+1 redundant cooling, UPS, standby generator power and network connections. Your business uptime and performance are our focus!

Your VPS includes the following value added services:
Fully managed technical support service*
Control panel for VPS administration (reboot, reinstall, etc)
Reverse DNS entries for allocated IPs
IRC, game-servers, streams, web proxy, vpn (tun / tap) and legal adult content allowed
No long-term contract requirement (month to month). Quarterly, semi-annual and annually available.


VPS on XenServer Virtualization Platform

VPS Starter [ORDER] - $11 per month!
2 Xeon Core, 2.0 GHz/core | 25 GB Space | 250 GB Data-Transfer | 512 MB RAM http://www.duomarkets.com/billing/ca...?a=add&pid=227

VPS Plan 1 [ORDER] - $23 per month!
2 Xeon Core, 2.0 GHz/core | 60 GB Space | 600 GB Data-Transfer | 1024 MB RAM http://www.duomarkets.com/billing/ca...?a=add&pid=228

VPS Plan 2 [ORDER] - $38 per month!
2 Xeon Core,, 2.0 GHz/core | 100 GB Space | 900 GB Data-Transfer | 1536 MB RAM http://www.duomarkets.com/billing/ca...?a=add&pid=229

VPS Plan 3 [ORDER] - $56 per month!
4 Xeon Core, 2.0 GHz/core | 130 GB Space | 1300 GB Data-Transfer | 2048 MB RAM (2 GB!) http://www.duomarkets.com/billing/ca...?a=add&pid=230


Operating systems:
CentOS Enterprise LinuX
Fedora Desktop Linux
Ubuntu ServeR
Debian Linux
Gentoo Linux
Slackware Linux
FreeBSD 8 Unix (available on plan 1, 2 or 3 only)
Windows 2003/2008 - additional (available on plan 1, 2 or 3 only)

Control panels:
cPanel/WHM /softaculous/zamfoo: $16.00 usd http://www.duomarkets.com/billing/ca...?a=add&pid=231

IP addresses:
Additional IPs at 2 usd /IP per month
RIPE NCC assignment policies apply for all requests. Further information, www.ripe.net