UGG boots snow often comes around to tell me what color the girls are easy to take, which many people wear style. But when it comes to how to choose UGG snow boots or sugg boots how to identify the authenticity of the gang of girls, but this time to vent the gas out. Asia in the Ghor to let us talk about this on the market to sell UGG snow boots in the end points of the several grades, so that when we next buy will have measured their heart out.
Now UGG snow boots on the market is divided into five grades. The first one I am sure you appear a lot, and that is to spread the goods. We often can stall, night market to see, where selling prices are generally very cheap, so UGG snow boots like this poor handling of materials, poor workmanship, the price is usually less than 50 and not there will be packing, not LOGO, fur is bad, the ugg boots are only 50% similarity. Second: artificial products. UGG boots snow in the hair thing fake fur, artificial leather used, anyway, the whole pair of boots are artificial, rough fur, fur feel bad, the price of 50-100 dollars. Third: mixed wool products. Pure wool version of the UGG snow boots cost-effective, using leather, wool mix the ingredients inside, there will be obvious after singeing smell. Fourth: sheep wool one. This version of the thick snow boots, wool, leather soft and smooth, comfortable, generally one can only do a pair of ugg boots sale Oh. Fifth: one top-class sheep wool. However, using the best quality of these samples, both in the thickness of hair or in the cortex, are carefully selected, and in the process of cutting and stitching have strict requirements.
Said so much, MM have erupted in the heart should have counted it, called a sub-penny stock, for different levels of consumption, UGG boots snow is not the same quality.
The weather will cool a flash, and Uggs snow boots are essential for our warm winter shoes. UGG boots snow task is not only warm, we also need to always beautiful throughout the winter beauty. UGG snow boots and clothing that mix is particularly important, there is a big dress with learning.
UGG snow boots are a yellowish color, you can with a gray, dark brown with yellow boots can be a solid color, such as white or black, with white or light-colored boots and not the other light colored clothing, it looks very easy Oh, one white. Cool black boots, but need to be cautious with the time, black to wear in the winter will not seem so heavy, it will become very dynamic, can be used with a black coat or a dress, but make the people around you so amazing! Ugg boots gray woman best suited to cool, gray, white snow boots with wool type coat, people feel a personal and independent. UGG boots with loose snow washed jeans will look very casual nature, T-shirt with a black sweater on, gives a cool taste, reveals a neutral feeling.