If you are looking for Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited disk space, Master Alpha whatever, Free for the first 100 years, $1 a century costs..Simply put, if you want to be screwed with your pants on, we are not your company and you can stop reading now.

There are plenty of companies like that out there and in 10 years we have seen them come and go, the "flavor of the month" companies that have offers so good they create a groundswell of customers and success and then implode when the offers are proven to have been overreaching and promises are left unfulfilled. Each time we look at their business model and can't find a way to make it work...we know they are next to go and we just wait them out...like we have for a long time now.

Beachcomber was started a decade ago because we could not find a good provider that could provide decent service to meet our hosting needs. Along the way the industry has changed rapidly but we have always done our best to remember why we are here and service our customers like we would want to be treated.

We, at Beachcomber, have excellent and dependable hardware, 8 core - dual chip - Intel Harpertown servers with at least 8GB of ram and Raid 10, the fastest and most dependable (and expensive) version of raid that allows hot swap replacement of any failed drive. Normal RAID features either "mirroring," i.e. more than one disk holds a copy of the data, or "striping with distributed parity" i.e. where the data is distributed among a number of disks, so that if any disk fails it can still be rebuilt without downtime. Raid 10 is a combination of both and the best of both worlds.

Then, with the redundancy any high quality provider should provide, we have R1Soft off site backups of every server in the event the Raid 10 system fails we still have options to restore the servers data and get you up and running again.

Having separate R1Soft data servers that do not provide income or even revenue and act simply as data backup drones and the cost of R1Soft software itself is also an expensive way to approach a business that prides itself on giving its services away, but it is our way none the less.

Our servers are located at the NOC's of DedNow or GNAX, both proven network locations from high quality providers and NOC's who like ourselves, are more about providing quality than driving to the lowest possible marketing tool price to lure the uneducated customer. Like us, they are honest providers that charge us a fair price for uncompromising quality that we can be proud to place our name behind.

Your site will load nice and fast because, to review, great hardware, redundant data security systems, excellent data centers, quality bandwidth.

Then for your ease of use and convenience, we add Cpanel (and WHM for resellers) to allow easy management of your domain, Fantastico and Softaculous script auto-installers (over 140 popular scripts like Wordpress, Joomla, Typo3 and well..way to many to list here....) Rvskin and RVSite Builder and then provide great 24-7 E-mail and/or live chat support to help you out.

Lastly, we give you fair and reasonable allowances (not unlimited ... as if that exists anyway..) and ask you to pay a fair price so we can continue to provide... and as time goes along improve the services above.

We like to think of ourselves "Premium Services without the premium price". We have great and fair prices , we are more than worth a look.

And now is a better time than ever since, for a very short time we are offering WHT customers 25% off our already great prices (MUST USE COUPON CODE WHC-10-VPS )

Here are some examples below, Prices reflect discount applied:

Beachcomber VPS-1:
CPANEL/WHM, 30GB of space, 300GB of high quality bandwidth, Custom Nameservers, 2 - IP s, Free SSL
$ 22.49 per month, (MUST USE COUPON CODE WHC-10-VPS )

Beachcomber VPS-2:
CPANEL/WHM, 40GB of space, 400GB of high quality bandwidth, Custom Nameservers, 2 - IP s, Free SSL
$ 29.99 per month, (MUST USE COUPON CODE WHC-10-VPS )

Beachcomber VPS-3:
CPANEL/WHM, 60GB of space, 600GB of high quality bandwidth, Custom Nameservers, 2 - IP s, Free SSL
$ 44.99 per month, (MUST USE COUPON CODE WHC-10-VPS )

Beachcomber VPS-4:
CPANEL/WHM, 80GB of space, 800GB of high quality bandwidth, Custom Nameservers, 2 - IP s, Free SSL
$ 59.99 per month, (MUST USE COUPON CODE WHC-10-VPS )

Beachcomber VPS-5:
CPANEL/WHM, 100GB of space, 1000GB of high quality bandwidth, Custom Nameservers, 2 - IP s, Free SSL
$ 74.99 per month, (MUST USE COUPON CODE WHC-10-VPS )

Also, FREE DemoWolf Flash Cpanel Flash Tutorial with any Semi-annual or Annual purchase !

If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail us. Questions posted here are reviewed and answered after we clear our own e-mail queue, so it is best to e-mail us at sales@beachcomber.net.

As long as you are not looking for "something for nothing" or believe that it is "only to good to be true" for everyone else but you...If you have been there and know better, look us over. We may be just the right fit for you.

If you are ready to host with a honest provider you will stay with for years (for some, it has been over a decade), check us out, we can be found at http://beachcomber.net.

Thank you..and we hope to see you on our site and as a customer soon