Dear Members,

WebHostingChat has a been in the hosting industry for a long time. As you can see the forums have been quite for some time. The reason is cause some of the staff have become busy as well as personal matters. But we are back on track and getting the forum on top again. We will have more deals for you and offers more services for you to help your business and advertisement needs.

There are plans to add many new things to the forum and get activity to the forums going again. We are working on a theme as well as some secrete projects to help you and hopefully get some these spam bots gone and hopefully clean the forums up. Over the next few weeks you will notice changes happening around the forums and we want to know your feedback and suggestions. If you have any make a post or just PM me and we will see what we can get started for you. The staff of WebHostingChat know how hard you work to make your business work and we are aiming to offer more for hosting companies and helping you get clients to expand.

Kind Regards,
WHC Admin