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All VPS's are powered by OpenVZ technology with SolusVM control panel. We give our clients a choice of freedom with FREE Instant VPS setup. Each VPS is provisioned instantly after the payment is made.

Our VPS Node(s) are Hardware RAID protected and monitored 24hours a day.

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Signup for annual billing cycle for any vps plan and get 3 months off .

1TB Bandwidth on ALL UnManaged Servers
2 TB Bandwidth on ALL Managed Servers
Free cPanel or DA control panels on Managed servers.
On order form it will say original bandwidth however when VPS is setup automatically, the bandwidth upgrades will have already been applied.
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All features below are included in all VPS's

SolusVM Control Panel
FULL Root Access
Free Website Transfer
Instant Setup

*available upon request(ticket)

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(Prices shown are without promotion applied.)
All Developer Series VPS's come with 1IP

ClixDev-1 - $4.95/mo
Equal CPU Share
Disk Space: 10GB
Bandwidth: 1000GB!
RAM: 128MB
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ClixDev-2 - $6.95/mo
Equal CPU Share
Disk Space:15GB
Bandwidth: 1000GB!
RAM: 256MB
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ClixDev-3 - $9.95/mo
Equal CPU Share
Disk Space:20GB
Bandwidth: 1000GB!
RAM: 384MB
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(Prices shown are without promotion applied.)
All Professional Series VPS's come with 2IP

ClixPro-4 - $29.95/mo
Equal CPU Share
Disk Space: 40GB
Bandwidth: 1000GB!
RAM: 512MB
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ClixPro-5 - $49.95/mo
Equal CPU Share
Disk Space:60GB
Bandwidth: 1000GB!
RAM: 1024MB
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ClixPro-6 - $69.95/mo
Equal CPU Share
Disk Space:80GB
Bandwidth: 1000GB!
RAM: 2048MB
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So what are you waiting for, join us today!

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Operating Systems:

CentOS 5 32bit
CentOS 5 64Bit
Debian 5 32Bit
Debian 5 64bit
Ubuntu 9.04 32Bit
Ubuntu 9.04 64Bit
Fedora-13 32Bit
Fedora-13 64Bit
Suse-11.1 32Bit
Suse-11.1 64Bit

If you require a different OS / different version please open ticket.

VPS Upgrades:

Additional RAM(Per 128MB) - $5/mo
Additional Disk(Per 1GB) - $2.5/mo
Additional Bandwidth(Per 1GB) - $2.5/mo
Additional IP - $1.50/per IP
Managed Service - $25/mo

Control Panel:

DirectAdmin - $7/mo
cPanel/WHM - $10/mo

* Free on Managed plans

Open ticket if your require account upgrades

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DC: Chicago, USA
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