Are you looking for a redundant, secure environment for IT equipment & servers ? Supreme Telecom is a carrier neutral data center in downtown Fort Worth and offers many unique advantages:

Full fledged Telco hotel
Located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth
Building is supplied with commercial grade 408 v 3 phase power
STS Towers is connected to 3 seperate grids for redundant power
A+B+C power sources to ensure customers never experience an outage (Actual on paper record of no power loss in 42 years, we were online during hurricane)
Power capacity to provide 500+ watts per square foot
1000+ Tons of cooling capacity
12 carriers, including Tier I providers
42 Points of fiber entry and more than 8000 strands of fiber.
Multi story, telecom building to accommodate racks and private suites
Ability to provide turn key data center with each floor up to 9000 sqft
Complete concrete building to withstand 200lbs per square inch
3 Tiers of security including biometric scanning
Building is monitored 24/7 by more than 20 CCTV camera
The building is owned and operated by Supreme Telecom , so there is no landlord between customers and their IT equipment
Access to over 300+ carriers using Fiber connectivity to Infomart


1U server
1 amp of Power
2TB on a 100 Mbps port

Quarter Cabinet (10U) (Private Locked)
10 Amps of Power
10 Mbps on a 100 Mbps port

Half Cabinet (21U) (Private Locked)
20 Amps of Power
50 Mbps on a 100 Mbps port

Full Cabinet Space (42U) (Private Locked)
20amp at 120v circuits
100 Mbps dedicated bandwidth
Dedicated 24/7 access with card key
Only $1050.00/Month (special offer add an extra 20amp power circuit for just $150)
$500 Setup Charges (Setup charges waived on 3 year contract)

Additional bandwidth is billed at $10/Mbps
8 free ip addresses
Additional IP addresses are $1/IP per month.
Free KVM during business hours

Power Pricing
$15 per installed amp of 120 volt

Current tenants and Carriers presently available directly into the building

XO Communications
TW Telecom
Level 3

Call us now and schedule a tour : 817-255-4006
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